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Thursday, April 5, 2012

'Thoughful Thursday' Teddies For Tragedies

      Helping bring smiles all over the world!

I've just finished knitting my first Teddies for Tragedies bear. He'll be given to a child who needs comfort or something to love. Each bear is knitted to the same basic pattern so that no bear is 'better' than any other. The legs, body and head are knitted in one long piece (see below) and the arms are knitted onto this main piece. This is fairly quick to knit up - just follow the instructions carefully so the bears are well-made, safe and durable - you can send a sample bear to be checked for suitability if you're unsure. You'll also need to run up a simple drawing bag for the bear to live in - again, follow the instructions.

Teddies for Tragedies is not a charity, it is a knitting pattern.

Since it's begining in 1985 hundreds of thousands of teddies have been knitted and given to charities and volunteers to bring a smile to children.

Teddies are usually knitted by local groups and given to charities operating locally. 
There is no national organisation, and no need of one, anyone can knit a few teddies for a cause near their own heart.

Teddies fo Tragedies celebrates the smiles of the children who are given the teddies, 
thus giving feedback to knitters and illustrating the benefits to charities and volunteers.
Creates a central location where charities and volunteers who want teddies can ask for them.
Puts teddy knitting groups in contact, so they can better fulfil the needs of charities. 
Helps knitters and groups find homes for their teddies (and other knitted items).


click here for the Teddy Knitting Pattern

Please explore the website: http://www.teddiesfortragedies.org.uk/, get inspired and get in touch with them if you want to knit and especially if you know someone who wants some teddies.