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Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Thoughful Thursday' Loving Hands

Loving Hands Charity Knitting Group is a Knitting, sewing and crochet group and was formed by Lou Jaap after a very succesful 24 hour Charity Knitathon which took place in the Volunteer Centre in Kirkcaldy, Fife to celebrate National Volunteers Week. The event went so well they decided to start up a group to continue the great work started during the Knitathon. They now have a blog site and forum and have members from all over the UK who knit and crochet for various charities. Loving Hands are happy to accept donations of yarn, needles, patterns,toy stuffing, material, thread, lace trimmings, wedding and bridesmaids dresses (to unpick and turn into burial gowns), blankets, duvets, towels, bedding, baby clothes, cloth nappies, etc.

How You Can Help
They need Help with the Spring Challenge, several items on a list that are urgently required. There is still time to help them as challenge finishes  Saturday 28th April  2012.

 BOOBS! . Knitted breasts will be used by breastfeeding support workers, midwives and community mothers, to give instructions on hand expression to new mothers. Loving Hands get direct requests from hospitals and health boards to supply them by the hundred so they are always in great demand.  They do not need to be realistic ’flesh’ tones - the midwives say the nice colourful ones go down a treat.   If you wish you can send them in ‘flat’ and Loving Hands will stuff and finish them off. They are hoping to get 1000 of these.

Double knitting wool – 1 ball (choose your flesh colour!)
similar but darker colour - 1 ball
Pair of 3 ¼ mm needles/UK size 10 
Cast on 6 stitches for base of breast
1st row. Knit
2nd row K1 (m1 k1) to end. 11 st
3rd and every alt row to 15th row Purl
4th row K1 (m1 k1) to end. (21 st)
6th row K1 (m1 k2) to end. (31 st)
8th row k1 (m1 k3) to end. (41 st)
10th row K1 (m1 k4) to end. (51 st)
12th row K1 (m1 K5) to end. (61 st)
14th row K1 (m1 K6) to end (71 st)
15th row Knit
16th row Knit
17th row purl 
Work, starting with a knit row, st st for 20 rows

38th row: K1, *K2 tog, K5, rep from * to end
39th and alternate rows: Purl
40th row: K1, *K2 tog, K4, rep from * to end
Continue to decrease in this way and after 3rd decrease change to darker wool to
make the areola.
Continue decreasing until the K1, *K2 tog, from * to end has been worked.
Nipple: st st 4 rows (see below for amendments).

Break yarn, thread through rem stitches, draw up and fasten off.
With work inside out, sew sides together but leave a gap for stuffing. Gather round cast on sts and sew seam.

In darker wool on the wrong side of work, make a draw-string stitch around the
base of the nipple, draw up and fasten off. If this stitch is drawn tightly it makes a
“Page 3” nipple. Drawing up less tightly makes a less prominent nipple.
Experiment to get the type you want. (Wish it were this easy in real life!) NB It is
good to have a variety of shapes and sizes, just as women do (very flat, very
small/large, inverted etc), so they can see that all can work! 
Turn right side out and stuff. Close seam.

Different sizes of breast can be made by amending the
pattern, and different firmness achieved by amount of stuffing.

NB colours are not important but flesh colour is more realistic.

 Sands blankets – made in white or cream they are used to go into the treasured memory boxes given to parents who have lost their tiny angels. They hope to be able to send in 200 of these this challenge.

This lace border makes the easy blanket, very special. Use the lace all around for a shawl, or on the top edge only for a crib or pram blanket. The blanket is our basic pattern. This pattern knits to approx. a 24" square. It will always come square.
250gm of Double Knit Wool in white or cream and size 8 (UK) - 4 mm needles 


Cast on 1 stitch
Next row :- Make the one stitch into two stitches.
Next row :- Knit 1, into the next stitch make another,3 stitches on needle.
Continue to knit, ALWAYS knit the first stitch and into the 2nd stitch make another.
Only increase this way at the BEGINNING of a row
Continue until you have worked 20 inches if you are putting border all the way round, 22 inches if you are just putting borders top and bottom or 24 inches if it is to go just on the top edge or no border at all (this should ensure you can complete the blanket with your 250 grms).
Knit 1 row plain.
Next row:- Knit 1, Knit 2 together, Knit to end of row. Continue this way, always knit the 1st stitch then decrease into the next stitch by knitting 2 together until 1 stitch remains. You should now have a neat square.

Using Double Knit and size 8 (UK) needles Cast on 8 stitches
Row 1 ( Wrong side) Slip 1, Knit 1,(Yarn fwd knit 2 tog)twice, Yarn fwd Knit 2 (9sts)
Rows 2, 4, and 6. Slip 1 Knit to the end.
Row 3. Slip 1, knit 2 (yarn fwd knit 2 tog) twice. Yarn fwd Knit 2 (10sts)
Row 5. Slip 1, knit 3 (yarn fwd knit 2 tog) twice. Yarn fwd Knit 2 (11sts)
Row 7. Slip 1, knit 4 (yarn fwd knit 2 tog)twice . Yarn fwd Knit 2 (12sts)
Row 8. Slip 1, Knit 11 sts
Row 9. Slip 1 Knit 11 sts Row 10 cast off 4 Sts Knit to the end ( 8sts) These 10 rows form the pattern. Continue in pattern until it is long enough to fit one edge, or all around, as you wish. Sew onto the blanket

They will also collect the usual items to be included in shoe boxes : hats/scarves/gloves/mitts/socks/glove puppets etc, toiletries, writing pads, pens, colouring books, pencils, toiletries, razors, etc, etc. Items for all ages they do boxes for categories boy/girl 3 to 7, boy/girl 8 to 12, teenage boy/girl, man or woman and elderly woman.

They have a very comprehensive list of patterns available to members through Their forum Pattern Central pages –
and can only be accessed when a member is signed in to the forum using their username and password. It is a very simğle process to join. You will find hundreds of patterns and links to patterns for knitting, crocheting and sewing there to inspire you.
Loving Hands now have many charities on their  books - all have  been checked to make sure they take all the donations and they give them directly to the people or animals in need.  They do not supply items to be sold in charity shops.
Here is a list of some of the charities you can veiw the whole list on the web site:
Boobs for Breastfeeding Initiative
Blythswood Care
UK Maternities, Morticians and Pathologists.
Animal Shelters (SSPCA, RSPCA,Cats protection league, Fife cat shelter, the donkey sanctuary, Little hen rescue centre, Help the animals Wales, WSPA, Edinburgh Zoo and others)
Teddies for Tragedy
If you would like to know more about Loving Hands or the work they do, or would like to ask for items for your organisation or join them and help to make things better for people and animals all over the world  cantact details are:
Lou Jaap
Loving Hands Charity Knitting Group,
18 Clentry Crescent Kelty, Fife  KY4 0LG  Scotland.
Web site:www.lovinghands.org.,uk
email : charityknitters@yahoo.co.uk
Tel : 01383 830277
If you wish to join them they will do their best to supply you with most of the materials you need to create items for the charities.  Their policy is that members give their time and talent to help and do not want to empty their pockets but it’s quite alright to use your own yarn. No matter what you choose to make they can find a home for it.
If anyone would like to donate to Loving Hands postage and materials fund you can do so by Paypal to charityknitters@yahoo.co.uk  or by cheque or postal order made out to L. Jaap (loving hands) they also raise funds for postage through Easyfundraising you can find details on the web site:

Please remember your help is needed all year round!