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Monday, July 22, 2013

Saturday Stitch: Scalloped Shell Stitch

Every Saturday I will share with you a new stitch.
Today's stitch is: Scalloped Shell Stitch

 It's great for  shawls, afghans, pillows or baby blankets etc. You need a stitch number multiples of 10 + 1 stitches. Repeat the pattern between the * as many times as you like.

Instructions :

Row 1 (RS) Knit.
Row 2 Purl.
Rows 3 and 4 Knit.
Row 5 *K1, [yo, k1] twice, [double yo] 5 times, [k1, yo] twice; rep from *, end k1.
Row 6 *K5, with yarn in front slip 5 purlwise (dropping extra yo), k4; rep from *, end k1.
Row 7 *K5, with yarn at back slip 5 purlwise, k4; rep from *, end k1.
Row 8 *P5, p5tog, p4; rep from *, end k1.
Rep rows 1-8.
Double yo Insert RH needle into next st wrapping yarn around needle twice, complete knit st.

Difficulty level: MEDIUM