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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lucky Shamrock Baby Set.

Give your new baby the luck of the Irish! These Bootie Baby Shoes, mittens and shamrock hat are an easy knitting pattern that you can quickly whip up and celebrate  St. Patrick's day!

Size: New born
Hat measures 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter; length 5 inches (13 cm) from rim to crown.

Size 4 mm (5 US) needles
Baby Soft DK weight yarn White,  and small amount of emerald green.
Gauge 21.5 sts= 4 inches (10 cm)

Starting at brim, with  green CO 64 sts change to white and work in K1, p1 8 rows.
Then work in St st for 22 rows
Shape Top Of Hat
Still in white 
Row 1 *k2 tog, k7 rep from* to last 2 sts k2tog- 56 st
Rows 2, 4,6 and 8  Purl
Row 3  K 1, *k 4, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k 1 - 47 sts.
Row 5 K 1, *k 3, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k 1 - 38 sts.
Row 7 K 1, *k 2, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k 1 - 29 sts.
Row 9 K 1, *k2tog; rep from * across - 15 sts.
Row 10 *P2tog; rep from * to last st, p 1 - 8 sts.
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing seam. With large-eyed blunt needle, thread tail through remaining sts on needle. Pull tightly and secure. Sew back seam.

Wıth green Cast on 4 stitches.
Row 1. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, knit 3 (5sts)
Row 2. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, purl 4 (6sts)
Row 3. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, knit 5 (7sts)
Row 4. Knit front & back of 1st stitch purl 6  (8sts). Cut yarn leaving a 4’’ tail and leave on a spare needle.
Repeat 2 more times but do not cut yarn on last petal
Row 5. Join all petals by knitting across (24 sts)
Row 6. Purl 2 together across row (12 sts)
Row 7. Knit 2 together across row (6sts)
Row 8. Purl 2 together, three times
Thread yarn through stitches and pull tight and sew into place. Secure all loose ends. Add stem by crocheting 5 or 6 chain stiches. Sew into place on hat.


 In Green Cast on 32st
Change to white  and work 10 rows k1, p1 rib
Next row (RS) eyelets k1,*yo,k2 tog to last yo,k1 - 33sts
Next row purl

Divide for Instep
Knit 22sts turn leaving remaining sts unworked
Next purl 11sts turn and leave remaining sts unworked
Work 12 rows in St st across the 11sts for instep, break yarn

With right side facing rejoin yarn to last st on right hand needle pick up 7sts down righ tside of instep,
knit across 11sts of instep and pick up 7sts down left side then knit 11 sts from left hand needle 47 sts in all.
knit 11 rows garter (every row knit).

Shape Heel and Toe

Row 1 (RS)  k2, k2tog, k17, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k17,k2tog, k2
Row 2 knit
Row 3 k2, k2tog, k15, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k15, k2tog,k2
Row 4 knit
Row 5 k2, k2tog, k13, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k13, k2tog, k2
 Cast off loosely
Sew seam and thread green ribbon or cord through eyelets.


With green cast on 28 sts change to white and work in K1, p1 for 8 rows
work in St st for 2 rows.,
Eyelet row: k1,*yo,k2tog, k1, rep from* to end
next row purl
Work 10 more rows in St st.

Next row: (k2tog, k11) twice, k2tog - 25 sts
Next row: purl
Next row: k2tog, k10, k2tog, k to last 2 ts, k2tog - 22 sts
Next row: purl

Next row: (k2tog, k8) twice, k2tog - 19 sts
Next row: purl
BO. Cut yarn, leaving a long length of yarn for sewing side seam, Thread green ribbon or cord through eyelets.

Many folk ask the question 'Why is the Shamrock the National Flower of Ireland ?' The reason is that St. Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagans.