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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lucky Shamrock Pin

 If you have ever been to an Irish festival, St. Patrick's Day parade or party, you will know just how proud those folks are of being Irish. I'm not Irish but it sure is fun hanging out with those who are. On St. Patricks's Day you will see t-shirts, hats and all sorts of embellishments to show off those who are Irish. So, if you  want something a little more tame. Show your Irish Spirit by wearing a Shamrock Pin! Quick to knit and fun to share. Wear it on your lapel, or pinned to a hat , headband or as a tie pin! This shamrock pin is nice and simple, not to fussy. It's also quick, easy and inexpensive to make. The kind of thing that's perfect to make for a large group.

Shamrock Pin

Wıth green double knitting type yarn and size 4mm needles Cast on 4 stitches.
Row 1. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, knit 3 (5sts)
Row 2. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, purl 4 (6sts)
Row 3. Knit front & back of 1st stitch, knit 5 (7sts)
Row 4. Knit front & back of 1st stitch purl 6  (8sts). Cut yarn leaving a 4’’ tail and leave on a spare needle.
Repeat 2 more times but do not cut yarn on last petal
Row 5. Join all petals by knitting across (24 sts)
Row 6. Purl 2 together across row (12 sts)
Row 7. Knit 2 together across row (6sts)
Row 8. Purl 2 together, three times
Thread yarn through stitches and pull tight and sew into place. Secure all loose ends. Add stem by crocheting 5 or 6 chain stiches. Sew small safety pin or brooch fastening to the back.