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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Question: How To Knit 1 Below

All knitters have questions about the best way to do things, why different things happen while they are knitting, how to fix knitting mistakes and more.
Here is this weeks question  From Maggie UK - The pattern I am using say k1b which I believe is knit 1 below.  How do you do this?

Answer: Normally you insert your right needle into the first stitch on the left needle. A new stitch is formed by pulling the working yarn through that single stitch. To knit into the stitch below, you insert your right needle into the stitch one row below this first stitch, as shown in the photo:

When you pull the working yarn through to create a new stitch, it is pulled through one row lower than normal. After the new stitch is completed, there are two strands of yarn around its base. One strand is the stitch from the "row below" and the second strand is from the stitch you normally knit into. The strand from the "row below" is lifted higher than the other stitches in its row, making an inverted "V."
When these Vs are repeated in a knitted piece, they add visual interest because the diagonal lines they create, add more depth to the piece and make it thicker and softer. When they are worked on both sides of the fabric, they can create a very deep rib. 

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