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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cable Braided Headband.

There are multiple ways of wearing this little accessory - around the head as a headband, around the neck as a necklace or around the wrist as a bracelet.  I made these headbands for my niece but you can make them any size by Knitting more or less multiples of 8 pattern rows.

Abbreviations: RS = right side
WS = Wrong side
St = St, sts = sts
K = K
P = P
K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together
Rep = Repeat
Beg = Beginning

Worsted yarn, Colour A, colour B, each 15-20 yards.
Needle: US 6/4.00mm
Darning needle
One button (optional)
Crochet hook (optional)
Guage: 5 sts and 6 rows / 1 inch (2.5cm)
Finished Size(sample in the piture): 19 inches/ 50 cm in length and 1 inch/3.5cm in width.
You can make any size you wish by knitting more or less multiple of 6 rows.

 Cabled Braids are made up by knitting 2 strips.

1st strip:

Using 4mm needles and yarn A cast on 9 sts.
Start by purling the 1st row. Work a total 7 rows straight in St st. 
Row 8 (RS): K4, yo, k2tog, k3.
Repeat previous 8 rows for a total of 14 times. Then work 15 rows in St st.
Cast off on the next row.

2nd strip:

Using 4mm needles and yarn B cast on 9 sts.
Start by purling the 1st row. Work a total of 15 rows straight in St st.

On next row (RS): K4, yo, k2tog, k3. Then work 7 rows in St st.
Repeat previous 8 rows for a total of 14 times. 
On the next row cast off all sts.

If you wish to make strips longer - repeat the sequence of 8 rows.

Lightly steam the strips to stop curling and straighten out.

Then follow the photo guide to braid your headband.
1. Insert the longer end of a strip into the first yarn over of the shorter end strip.

2. Then insert the top strip into the yarn over of the strip below (the first yo of the longer end strip).

3. Then continue inserting the top strip (they will alternate) into the next yarn over, make sure not to miss any and tug on them evenly.

The view from the under side.

4. Continue braiding and once finished you will get two different textures in the same braid. 

5. Using crochet hook take the ends of yarn and crochet a chain to make a loop to work as a buttonhole. I have flattened the edges of the strips and joined them together just by whip stitching. Sew on the button on the other end and weave in all ends.

Or join ends together and add a flower or bow and attatch by sewing on over the join.

With 4mm needles cast on 9 sts and work in St st for 8inches, cast off. Join the cast on and cast off ends together and arrange in the center of the under side.
With contrast yarn and 4mm needles cast on 5 sts work in St st for 4 inches , cast off. Join the head band ends together and using the photo as a guide attach the bow.

Join the head band ends together and attach flower to hide the seam. If you click on the link you will find three different size flower patterns or you can use your own favourite. I used the small flower pattern.

This idea came from olgajazzy’s free pattern for cable braided necklace. I made some changes and added a knitted flower or a bow to make headband for a little girl.  You can see the original pattern at: http://olgajazzzy.blogspot.com/2010/12/cable-braided-necklace.html.