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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Question & Answer

All beginning knitters have questions about the best way to do things, why different things happen while they are knitting, how to fix knitting mistakes and more. Here is this weeks questions posed by a new knitter.

Question by Mary Browne - 

What am I doing wrong with my purling?

I'm learning how to knit, and how to "purl". But when I do my purl stitch, it always adds one more loop. So I'll start with 17, for example, and by the time I look down, I'm doing like 27! Is purling supposed to add one more, or am I doing something wrong? Please help! :-O

No, it is not supposed to add any additional stitches. 

When you purl, the working yarn needs to be in front of the work. If you bring it from the back each time, you could be adding an extra loop.
To help you here are four easy steps to follow:
1. With the yarn at the front of the work, insert the right hand needle from right to left through the front of the first stitch on the left hand needle.

2. Wind the yarn round the right hand needle.

3. Draw a loop through to the back.

4. Slip the original stitch off the left hand needle.

Mary this should help you keep to the correct number of stitches.

        Good Luck!
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