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Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Thoughtful Thursday' Upon Butterfly Wings

Founded in October 2011 - in memory of baby Bobby Franks (03.07.09) and his Friends - Upon Butterfly Wings is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, which provide support to parents whose babies have sadly died, either in early miscarriage, due to premature birth, stillbirth or during the neonatal period, right across the UK.
Upon Butterfly Wings provide this support in three ways - - - 
- - - By supplying hospitals and funeral directors with premature to full term handmade baby blankets, teddies and toys, burial clothing including dresses and boys outfits, buntings, specially designed wraps and pockets, handmade cribs, full term and preemie wicker moses baskets and casket linings via the'Knitted Wings Project'  

- - - By donating 'Care Packages' direct to newly bereaved parents in time for baby's burial or to take to the hospital if it is known the baby will be born sleeping.

- - - By donating 'Beanies' to parents who wish to have a simple keepsake in the form of a hat and poem presented in an organza bag. 

As both of the above are provided by UBW FREE of charge, thet are always in need of volunteers who wish to help make a difference. Those who can knit, crochet or sew and those who are unable to. There are many ways you can help. For more information go to their web site Upon Butterfly Wings or their facebook page

How to Help

If you are able to help, simply post your donations to  PO Box address PO Box 49500, London SE20 9BJ. Please include your name and address within your package so they know who you are. All donations received at the PO Box are collected, photographed and added to their website and Facebook page twice weekly on a Wednesday and Saturday.

Most needed items for September:
All of the items listed have a pattern should you need one, of which can be found on their website www.uponbutterflywings.org under the patterns and guide page.

1: Blankets, Blankets, Blankets – A4 sized and A3 sized as standard, but also are now getting a lot of interest from hospitals for full term blankets. There is a size chart within their guide for all of the blankets should you need some help.

2: Dresses – They now have non left ! Dresses are needed in a range of colours (including blue, boys need dressing too) and they can be left plain or embellished.

3: Hats – Due to the new keepsake service called Bobbys Beanies (please see  website for more information) they are now in need of hats of all sizes and colours, including hats as small as a thimble.

4: Buntings and All in Ones –  always in need of a great range of buntings and all in ones and these are especially needed for the tiny babies (buntings) and baby boys (all in ones).

5: Pockets and Wraps – Along with the dresses these are the most donated and most used items. These are required both in sizes very small to large as they are used across the board of gestations.

6: There is a possibility that they may be asked for a rather large donation of handmade cribs in September.

7: They have no Teddies or Pocket Angels left at all. L Teddies ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches in height are the ideal sizes, there is both a knitting and crochet pattern for the Pocket Angels on the website.

Please Help If You Can!