Hi there, welcome to my blog! and thankyou for stopping by. I have designed this blog to share with you knitting patterns that are my favourites and, i'll be trying out some new ones along the way. I also hope to help knitters new and old (i don't mean your age LOL) by sharing information, handy hints and tips, answering quieries and helping solve your knitting problems. Before you go, please help me by making a comment and suggest any knitting project you'd like to see.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Organised!

I am taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of July. This means I will blog every day (that's the theory :)) 31 blogs during this month.

As I am by nature fairly organised, I've decided to divide  posts  daily as follows :

Mondays will be mixed knitting - maybe clothing, household, toys, infact anything!

Tuesdays - I've been given a task of designing and making a baby blanket, so every tuesday I  will share with you the design process and the progress. Hopefully inspiring you to design your own.

Wednesdays will be weekly questions and answers. I get asked many questions about knitting and knitting for charity, I will  try to address these and please feel free to ask any knitting questions (sorry I'm not a crocheter)  you may have.

Thursday will continue to be 'Thoughtful Thursday' highllighting a knitting charity.

Fridays will be for feet - slippers, booties etc.

Saturdays will be suggestive - no not naughty :) more like hints and tips.

Sundays will be a summary of the weeks work with 'Lily' Love In the Language of Yarn the charity I founded - sharing with you the wonderful work of our volunteers.

Knitting Galore for this month at least will be organised!