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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cosy Slippers

Here in Turkey parents teach their children that it’s polite to take off your shoes when entering someone’s house. When they arrive at home,  visit grandma, go to a friend’s house, infact whenever they enter someone’s house, the first thing to do is look for a place to put your shoes. It's a custom you become so used to it you just do it automatically whitout even questioning it. They even put a little shoe rack by the door, so it’s obvious where the shoes should go. Think about all the surfaces your shoes come into contact during the day. The sidewalk, the parking lot, public bathrooms…not exactly some of the cleanest places on earth. Taking off your shoes keeps all that dirt, grime, and germs outside where it belongs and not tracked all over the house. So i supose it only makes sense. In most houses the family keeps some extra pairs of slippers ('terlik' in Turkish) for their guest to wear. Which is one of the reasons i decided to knit these slippers, so i would always have a supply on hand for guests and they can easily be tossed into the washing machine after guests leave, also i keep a pair in my bag so when i am visiting i have my own slippers.(not keen on wearing someone else's :) )

Try knitting these today!

You Will Need:
2 skeins of Chunky type yarn any color. I chose pink as it's breast cancer awareness month.
Size 10  (6mm)knitting needles, large plastic needle, regular sewing needle and thread and 2 decorative buttons. This makes one pair of slippers.

Tension 4 sts  and 6 rows (3 garter stitch ridges) = 1 inch

Available in small, medium and large size

Outer Moc:
Cast on 29 (35-41) sts
Row 1: Knit across.
Row 2: K9(11-13), *P1,K9(11-13), repeat from *once more.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until  30 (34-38) rows have been knit.

Shape Toe:
Row 1: P1, *K1,P1, repeat from *across row
Row 2: K1, *P1,K1, repeat from *across row
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 12 rows (14-16) then work row 1 once more, cut off yarn leaving an 8” end.

 Draw 8” end through remaining sts and pull up tightly, then sew with large plastic needle from beginning of ribbing to form toe. Fold cast one edge in half and sew inside seam for center back. Make 2 pom-poms and tie to each front side tightly and knot to inside of slipper or decoration of your choice, buttons, ribbons etc.

 These thick and cosy slippers are easy and quick to knit. You'll love padding around the house in them and they'll keep your toes toasty warm!