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Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Party Dress

This knitted party dress would make a unique present for your new little baby or the baby of a special friend.With puff sleeves and a ruffle at the bottom, your special little lady will be the belle of the ball.  4 button back enclosure. Ribbon trim above ruffle. Hand knitted from soft lightweight baby yarn.

Size 6 months

5-6oz (155gr) baby soft double knit type yarn.
size 4.25mm   (US 6) needles
3/8'' wide Red satin ribbon approx 1yrd

St st (1row knit, 1 row purl) 5sts 7 rows =1inch

Back - Ruffle
Cast on 98sts
Row 1 (right side) Purl.
Row 2 *K1, K1 in next stitch on row below ( see photo) rep from* to last 2sts, K2
Rows 3-8 repeat row 2
Row 9  K2 *K1 in next stitch on row below, K1 repeat from* across row
Row 10 - 14 repeat row 9
Row 15 - 26 repeat row 2

Row 1 (decrease row) K2 *K2tog, K1 rep from * across - 66sts
Row 2 (eyelet row) K1 *K2tog, Yo, rep from* to last st K1
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 Purl
Work even in St st until skirt measures 5'' above ruffle ending with wrong side row.
Bodice Ribbing
Row 1 (RS) *P1, K1, rep from * across row
Row 2- 8 repeat row 1.
Dividing Row (RS)  Cast off 2 sts, K26, (P1,K1)twice, slip 31 sts just worked onto stitch holder for right back. Knit remaining sts and leave on needle for left back.

left back
Row 1 (wrong side) Cast off 2, purlto end, cast on 10 sts for button placket - 41sts
Row 2 (rs) Knit
Row 3 Purl
 Row 4 - 25 rep row  2 & 3 eleven times more.
Row 26 Cast off 32 sts. Knit rem 9sts
Row 27 cast off 5 sts Purl rem 4st
Row 28 Knit
Cast off.

Right back
Slip stitches for right back from stitch holder onto needle
Row 1 (ws) (P1, K1) twice, P27
Row 2 K27, (P1,K1) twice
Row 3 rep row 1
Row 4 (button hole row) K27, p1 cast off nxt st, K1
Row 5 P1, K1, cast on 1 st, K1, P27
Row 6 rep row 2
Row 7 - 18 rep rows 1 -6 2 times more
Row 19 - 24 rep rows 1 & 2 three times
Row 25 cast off 22 sts, Purl rem 9 sts
Row 26 cast off 5 sts, K rem 4sts
Row 27 Purl
Row 28 Cast off.

 Work same as back to end of bodice ribbing.
Front Bodice
Row 1 (RS) Cast off 2 sts, knit across row
Row 2 Cast off 2 sts, purl across row
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 Purl
 Row 5 - 20 repeat rows 3 & 4  eight times more
Row 21 for left shoulder K9, K2tog, K1, cast off 38 sts. For rght shoulder slip 1 as if to knit, K1, psso, K remaining sts. 11sts on each shoulder, work both shoulders at same time, using seperate ball of yarn foe each shoulder.
Row 22 Purl across each shoulder
Row 23 on left shoulder K8, K2tog, K1. on right shoulder, K1, Sl1, K1, psso, K rem sts 10 sts on each shoulder
Row 24 Purl
Row 25 Left shoulder K7, K2tog, K1, right shoulder K1, Sl1, K1 psso, K rem sts 9 sts on each shoulder
Row 26 Purl
Row 27 Left shoulder cast off 6 sts, K rem sts, right shoulder K across sts
Row 28 Right shoulder cast off 6 sts purl rem sts, left shoulder purl across sts 4 sts each shoulder
Row 29 left shoulder cast off 4, right shoulder knit
Cast off all sts.

Sleeves (make 2)
cast on 31 sts
Row 1 (RS) K1, *P1, K1 rep from* across
Row 2 P1, *K1, P1 rep from* across
Row 3-6 rep rows 1&2 twice more
Body of sleeve
Row 1 (RS) * K1, knit front and back on next st, rep from* 14 times more, K1 -46 sts
Row 2 K1, K1 in nxt st on row below rp fro * to last 2 sts  K2
Row 3 -6  rep row 2
Row 7 K2, * K1 in nxt st on row below, K1 rep from * across
Row 8 - 12  rep row 7
Row 13 - 18 rep row 2
Row 19 - 24 rep row 7
Cast off.
Sew shoulder seams, hold dress right side facing begining at first st on button placket pick up 89 sts around neck edge finishing last st on right back
Row 1 K1,*P1, K1 rep from * to end
Row 2 P1,*K1, P1 rep from * to end
repeat  row 1&2
Cast off.
Sew sleeves in place and side seams. Fix button placket and sew in place. Thread ribbon through eyelet.