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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simple Knit Evening Bags

Here is a knitting pattern for two very easy knitted evening bags, both are made from the same pattern just sewn up into different designs. One has short straps and the other has Longer strap for wearing over the shoulder.
 This is a very basic pattern made special by the choice of yarn. The yarn I chose is a ladder yarn because of the vibrant colours and texture. Because ladder yarn is considered a bulkier weight yarn it is knit on larger needles, smaller needles would minimise the ribbon effect.

50grms ladder yarn
size 6mm needles
button or press stud for fastening
Lining material if required


With 6mm needles cast on 40 sts work in garter stitch (every row knit) untill work measures 36cm (15inches)

Cast off.

For short handles : Make 2. cast on 5sts and work i cord for 30cm (12 inches) or required length
For long shoulder strap: Cast on 5sts and work i cord for 120cm (47inches) or required length

For evening bag with short handles fold work in half placing cast on edge to cast off edge and sew side seams. Position handles and sew in place. I made a short i cord loop for fastening with a button, placed in the centre of opening, and I also lined the bag with a nylon lining material.

For bag with shoulder strap fold  by placing cast off edge 3/4 of the way and sew side seams. ( if you are going to line this bag you may find it easier to line before sewing side seams). Fold the top 1/4 down for flap closing and I placed a press stud in the centre to secure. Position strap and sew in place.

It really couldn't be any easier!