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Friday, March 30, 2012

'Thoughful Thursday' The Mending Hearts Project

'Thoughful Thursday'  Featuring today The Mending Hearts Project.

The Mending Hearts Project is a non-profit organization, providing warm apparel, blankets and basic necessities to those who are experiencing traumatic conditions, personal emergencies, and other difficult circumstances.  Gifts are handcrafted by a team of volunteer members, who sew, knit and crochet apparel and blankets for babies and young children.  They also accept new and gently used donations of clothing, outerwear, shoes, and toys that can be shared with those in need.

Located in Riverside, California, they serve many low income districts throughout southern California,  and other surrounding areas.  The primary focus is to assist underprivileged, abused and neglected children and also make every effort to assist the elderly, new mothers, and patients of all ages, who may benefit from small gifts of hope.  Donations to 
The Mending Hearts Project are distributed to local hospitals, churches, homeless shelters, and other patient care facilities. Gifts are provided at no charge, to any family or child in need.  They are distributed at the discretion of nurses, care givers, and facility administrators. 

Established in March 2010, 
The Mending Hearts Project has already donated over 2000 gifts to families and children in need.  Gifts from donors have included:
hats, booties, sweaters, and blankets for newborn babies; caps for chemotherapy patients; lap blankets for geriatric patients; and an assortment of blankets, clothing and tiny stuffed toys for abused and neglected children.

Urgent Appeal!

For a second year, The Mending Hearts Project has been asked to help sponsor a baby shower for the young mothers-to-be, at Casa Teresa in Orange, CA.
Casa Terea is a shelter for young, homeless, and abandoned pregnant women.  Many have been forgotten or disowned by their families, and often arrive at the shelter with nothing but the clothes on their back.  The Mending Hearts project will be donating layette gift sets to each new mother.
If you are interested in sewing/knitting/crocheting a "set" as a baby shower gift for one (or more) of the moms, please read and follow our basic guidelines:  

  • Each layette set will consist of a baby hat, booties, and a crib size blanket
  • You do not have to make all 3 pieces...  matching items can be added  to complete your set
  • Please use very soft, sport weight or baby yarns only. (No wool or worsted weight materials)
  • Blankets should be no smaller than 32"x32", although 36" x 36" is preferred. 
  • Hats should be Newborn size (also called "Going Home" size) for a head circumference of 13-14"
  • Booties should be Newborn size with soles measuring at least 3.5" long
  • Please refer to Mending Hearts Baby Sizes document to ensure that your hat & booties can be worn at the same time.   
If you would like to commit to making a hat, blanket, booties, or an entire "gift set" of 3 matching pieces, please contact Mending Hearts and let them know how many pieces you wish to donate.  Please also indicate if your donations will be for a boy, girl, or a unisex design.  They will need 5 girl sets, 5 boy sets, and 5 unisex sets.  In order for your gifts to be included in the baby shower, they MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 2, 2012.  There are no restrictions on the pattern or design of these pieces, so feel free to make them as whimsical, ornate, or simple as you wish. 

For more Information on The Mending Hearts Project the web site is:            http://www.atimetomend.org 

 and you can find them on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/ATimetoMend

Please support  their efforts to share a little warmth, hope and kindness with those who need it most.  The Mending Hearts Project's wish is that every broken heart and wounded spirit will begin to heal, and soon find a time to mend...

Here is a link to free pattern for knitted baby blanket Baby Butterfly Blanket