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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knitting Trends for 2012

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating the new year. 2012! where does the time go? seems like only yesterday we were getting ready to celebrate the millenium.
I've been looking to find what we can expect to see in 2012 world of knitwear.
First of all what colours can we expect to see?
Blues, nautical – and yes – TURQUOISE (you might guess one of my faourite colours) – bring a joyful, clear, and clean look to summer palettes.

Terra cotta will be very big in summer 2012, headed towards russet based hues, a big emphasis on terracotta tones will also be evidenced in home and housewares in 2012.

Greens, will emerge, symbolic healing renewal (and planet-friendly) – more limes than grassy greens.

Yellows, Golds and Greys – will also be emphasized, reminisant of ominous storm clouds retreating after a strong thunderstorm; with late afternoon sun breaking against yellow fall foliated trees ( how's that for being poetic? :))

The Spring/Summer 2012 season’s motto is: it is time to make a fresh new start, and unveil a season that promotes optimism, indulgence, contradiction and most of all modernism.
What can we expect to see in Knitwear?
Most of the 2012 collections consists of many beautiful basic garments for both business and leisure. They seem to have been inspired by retro fashions and you will find many trendy and cool designs in beautiful colors.

Derek Lam's spring collection, shown at New York Fashion Week, featured a number of simple-but-flattering lightweight sweaters and knit skirts.

Chanel can often be counted on for some sleek, chic knits.
 I love the texture and shape of this dress.

Some of the most interesting items, from a knitter's point of view, were accessories. Not scarves or hats after all, this is spring/summer,but shoes! Did I say knit shoes? YES!

In close-up, it's clear the shoes are beaded, but from a distance, they look to be knits that are slouched over the ankle.
Think I can  make a knit version of these shoes? I might have a go! :)

The latest design in the collaboration between Missoni and Converse was unveiled in Milan. It's a knit version of the old Converse running sneaker the Auckland Racer, for men, with the pattern inspired by vintage track suits that were designed by Ottavio Missoni back in 1948.

Just as shoes come knitted in Spring/ Summer 2012 season, so do bags. The knit trend continues to dominate the bag fashion scene for the Spring/Summer season. Knits are stylish, chic and unusual, they're also versatile so you won’t be having problems pairing it with your outfit. Go for bold and vibrant colors for that perfect summer vibe.

It's Official!
And the color of 2012 is…Tangerine!
I love it!
Pantone has officially announced that Tangerine Tango is the color of the year to come,described as a ‘reddish orange.’

What do you think of the colour Tangerine?
Love it? or Hate it?  Let me know .

I'm looking forward to knitting in 2012 trying new designs and using the new trend colours. Hope you are too! and who knows I may just come up with a knitted shoe! (I love a challenge)