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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knitting For Charity

Knitting for charity is a wonderful thing. Not only does it allow you to knit more than you'd ever want to for your friends and family, you also get the good feeling that comes with helping other people. Charity knitting is a great group knitting activity. If you have a group of friends who knit (or who would like to start) a group knitting project for charity is a fun way to get everyone excited about knitting. An afghan made of simple squares is great even for beginners and will keep someone warm even if it isn't fancy. Even if you don't know the person who is to receive your homemade article, knowing that it is out there in the world is a great feeling. Many knitters love to share their skills by knitting for charitable organizations. Whether they're making blankets for kids in the hospital, chemo caps, teddy bears or sweaters for kids in far away countries, there are many ways to knit for charity. Size doesn't matter there is always someone it will fit and  there are items for charity that aren't sized: blankets, scarves, shawls, etc.

There are  probably organizations in your town that will need knitted goods for people undergoing  chemo therapy, newborn babies, children in protective custody, children involved in accidents, children in hospitals, veterans in VA hospitals, soldiers, homeless animals, and many others.
You can use a national organization as inspiration or even join a national group that provides charitable knitting by taking  the ideas of a larger knitting charity and focus them where you live. There's something even more rewarding about helping people in your own community, and you'll always be aware of what needs need to be met.

Knitting for someone else who has a greater need than yourself often helps put your problems in perspective. Many knitters enjoy knitting for charity, but if you've never done it before you may not know where to start. You could check with your local yarn shop, your local hospital, or shelters to see if they have a need for warm items. Another thing to keep in mind is that the need for garments or knitted items is year round and not just in November and December. Shelters and hospitals are often overwhelmed with donations at the holidays, but still need items throughout the year. There are nunerous international organisations who require knitted items and may have a local Office near  you or a collection point not too far away.

Another thing knitters can do is to donate yarn from their stash that they no longer want or enjoy to other knitters who can use that yarn to knit for charity. Knitters tend to attract yarn (we get yarn that others no longer want or from family members) and it may be yarn they don’t want. This yarn is great to give to other knitters to knit with for charity, since some people  may have the time to knit for charity, but not the money to purchase supplies. Take some time to consider knitting for charity or donate yarn to others to knit for charity, if you are interested, over the course of this month i will be featuring various charity organisations that would gratefully benefit from your help.

In the meantime ‘’Knit with a smile on your face to send good wishes to the recipient’’

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