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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Short Rows - Free Class

I have just signed up for a class and want to share the link with you so you can take advantage of this course too. Short-rows are a wonderful technique to use for shaping your knitwear. Learn how to knit short-rows with designer and teacher Carol Feller.
 And it’s free!

Customize and Shape Your Knitting
Short rows, much like knitters themselves, are complex, with depth and adaptability. Use short rows to shape garments and knits, and take your knitting skills to the next level. My name is Carol Feller, and with my free online class from Craftsy, Short Rows, you will learn the techniques for four different types of short rows, and the best applications for each. Enroll inShort Rows, today for free, and individualize your homemade garments and knits with a perfect fit.
Shorts rows are commonly used to shape heels and bust darts. But, in my class, we will explore new and creative ways to use short rows: raise the collar of a sweater to insulate you from a chilly draft, or shape shoulders, hemlines, yokes, hats, scarves, and shawls. We will work through four different methods of short rows – the traditional wrap & turn short rows, my variation of wrap & turn, Japanese short rows, yarn over short rows – and when it’s prudent to use each technique. I will teach you to create a short row, slope shoulders, work seamless set-in sleeves, and will also provide you with a worksheet that will allow you to create custom bust darts for your exact measurements. Sign up today for free!
Once you register for a Craftsy class, it’s yours to watch whenever, wherever, and forever. During the class, you are encouraged to interact with your fellow classmates: ask questions and get answers, share feedback, advice, insight, and encouragement.How will you choose to use short rows? Until you enroll, no one knows! Register for Short Rows today, for free!