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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Knit An Illusion

Have you ever knitted an illusion?

 Illusion knitting, also called shadow knitting, is a technique where you knit a design of two contrasting colours of stripes with simple knit and purl stitches. From the front view, it looks like a simple striped pattern. But, when the project is viewed from the proper angles, a hidden image appears. The effect is created by alternating rows of the two coloured yarns so that the raised stitches from one row block out the flat stitches of another row -just knits and purls, where using stockinette stitch makes a colour fade into the background when viewed from the side, and using garter stitch makes a colour stand out. Illusion knitting uses this change of colour and texture to produce an image that appears or disappears according to the angle of viewing and works better when you knit tightly, so is best to choose a needle one or two sizes smaller than you would normally use with the chosen yarn.
                                     Here you see it!

Here this finished wash cloth looks like a simple striped pattern from the front, but when viewed from an angle, the "hidden" image appears. In this case, the knit pattern consists of alternating stripes, of green and white but when the piece is seen from an angle, a shramrock pattern emerges.

Now you don't!

Here are the Istructions for Shamrock Illusion Wash Cloth.

Use worsted weight yarn

MC – White 2 rows
CC – Green 2 rows

CO 30 stitches (use any CO method you prefer, I used the long tail)

Row 1: Knit Across (30) (All Odd Rows are KNIT)
Row 2: Knit Across (30) (Do not cut colour just change and carry)
Row 3: Knit Across (30) (All Odd Rows are KNIT)
Row 4: Purl Across (30)
Row 6: Knit Across (30)
Row 8: Purl Across (30)
Row 10: K13 P2 K15
Row 12: P13 K2 P15
Row 14: K9 P3 K3 P1 K3 P3 K8
Row 16: P9 K3 P3 K1 P3 K3 P8Row 18: K8 P5 K2 P1 K2 P5 K7
Row 20: P8 K5 P2 K1 P2 K5 P7
Row 22: K8 P6 K1 P1 K1 P6 K7
Row 24: P8 K6 P1 K1 P1 K6 P7Row 26: K9 P7 K1 P5 K8
Row 28: P9 K7 P1 K5 P8Row 30: K8 P6 K1 P1 K1 P6 K7
Row 32: P8 K6 P1 K1 P1 K6 P7Row 34: K8 P5 K1 P3 K1 P5 K7
Row 36: P8 K5 P1 K3 P1 K5 P7Row 38: K9 P3 K1 P5 K1 P3 K8
Row 40: P9 K3 P1 K5 P1 K3 P8Row 42: K12 P7 K11
Row 44: P12 K7 P11
Row 46: K12 P7 K11
Row 48: P12 K7 P11
Row 50: K13 P2 K1 P2 K12
Row 52: P13 K2 P1 K2 P12
Row 54: Knit Across (30)
Row 56: Purl Across (30)Row 58: Knit Across (30)
Row 60: Purl Across (30)
Row 62: Knit Across (30) Bind off.

Here in red and yellow Sunrise Wash Cloth
Using Colour A and the long tail cast on method, CO 35 stitches.
Note: Colour A is the background colour. (Red)
 Color B is the colour of the sunrise image.  (Yellow)

Row 1 – Colour A: K
Row 2 – Colour A: K

Row 3 – Colour B: K
Row 4 – Colour B: P5, K25, P5
Row 5 – Colour A: K
Row 6 – Colour A: K5, P25, K5

Rows 7 – 10: Repeat rows 3 – 6 one additional time.

Row 11 – Colour B: K
Row 12 – Colour B: P7, K21, P7
Row 13 – Colour A: K
Row 14 – Colour A: K7, P21, K7

Rows 15 – 18: Repeat rows 11 – 14 one additional time.

Row 19 – Colour B: K
Row 20 – Colour B: P5, K2, P2, K17, P2, K2, P5
Row 21 – Colour A: K
Row 22 – Colour A: K5, P2, K2, P17, K2, P2, K5

Row 23 – Colour B: K
Row 24 – Colour B: P3, K2, P6, K13, P6, K2, P3
Row 25 – Colour A: K
Row 26 – Colour A: K3, P2, K6, P13, K6, P2, K3

Row 27 – Colour B: K
Row 28 – Colour B: P1, K2, P6, K2, P13, K2, P6, K2, P1
Row 29 – Colour A: K
Row 30 – Colour A: K9, P2, K13, P2, K9

Row 31 – Colour B: K
Row 32 – Colour B: P7, K2, P17, K2, P7
Row 33 – Colour A: K
Row 34 – Colour A: K7, P2, K17, P2, K7

Row 35 – Colour B: K
Row 36 – Colour B: P5, K2, P7, K2, P3, K2, P7, K2, P5
Row 37 – Colour A: K
Row 38 – Colour A: K5, P2, K7, P2, K3, P2, K7, P2, K5

Row 39 – Colour B: K
Row 40 – Colour B: P3, K2, P8, K2, P5, K2, P8, K2, P3
Row 41 – Colour A: K
Row 42 – Colour A: K3, P2, K8, P2, K5, P2, K8, P2, K3

Row 43 – Colour B: K
Row 44 – Colour B: P1, K2, P9, K2, P7, K2, P9, K2, P1
Row 45 – Colour A: K
Row 46 – Colour A: K12, P2, K7, P2, K12

Row 47 – Colour B: K
Row 48 – Colour B: P11, K2, P9, K2, P11
Row 49 – Colour A: K
Row 50 – Colour A: K11, P2, K9, P2, K11

Row 51 – Colour B: K
Row 52 – Colour B: P10, K2, P11, K2, P10
Row 53 – Colour A: K
Row 54 – Colour A: K

Row 55 – Colour A: BO

Cut yarns. Weave in ends. Block knitted face cloth.

You can add hidden designs, simple or complex, to any garment. Probably the most well known illusion knit is the Alien Illusion Scarf that was featured in the original Stitch ‘n Bitch book and can be found on www. ravelry.com
Illusion knitting is a fun & easy give it a go!