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Monday, October 24, 2011

Earthquake Victims Need Help!

In september I dedicated this blog to Knitting for charity and covered many worthy causes that need knitters help. Now I am asking for help as an  7.2 Earth quake has hit Van in Eastern Turkey and blankets are urgently needed as temperatures are due to drop. The quake hit yesterday triggering the collapse of buildings and killing many people, at least 10 buildings in central Van and 25 buildings in the Erciş district, including a dormitory, collapsed. Aid teams handed out parcels of bread and food, while people wrapped in blankets huddled around open fires after spending a cold night on the streets. Blankets and warm clothing are urgently needed.

Knitters Can Help!

To make and send 8"/20cm squares takes little time, costs little and DOES make a difference.

Knitting Instructions: For one 8"/20 cms square, you will need:

Yarn from a 100 gram (3.5 oz) ball of yarn or scraps of yarn or wool. worsted (USA), double knit (UK)

Size 6mm needles (Aus) 4 (UK, Canada) 10 (US

1.Cast on 32 stitches (try to make your stitches neither too loose nor too tight to help ensure uniform squares)
2. Row 1: knit
3. Row 2: knit. These two rows form the 'garter' stitch knitting pattern for your square
4. Continue knitting as per these two rows until you have knitted a square
5. To ensure you square is 8"/20cm either use a tape measure or form a triangle by folding one corner of your square over to meet the opposite corner - if all sides are equal - then you have a square!                            

6. Cast off
7. Use your yarn sewing needle to sew in all the yarn ends using a darning method

Leave a one metre (one and a quarter yards) length of your yarn attached to your work after you have cast off. This will be used to join the squares together. If you're an experienced knitter and enjoy working with different stitches, (eg stocking, moss, basket weave) or a combination of stitches and patterns, then please enjoy yourself and be creative with your squares.
Apart from blankets also scarfs, hats mittens also needed.

Please Help If You Can

Once you have your knitted (or crochet) donation please get intouch to arrange delivery you can reach me by leaving a message here (don't forget to leave your contact details)
or www.facebook.com/knittinggalore
or dbjones5559@yahoo.com
or dbjones5559@hotmail.co.uk

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