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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award

Wow! How wonderful!
Thankyou Katrina of Kat's place for giving me this award and sorry It's taken me a while to write this.
If you've not yet visited Kat's Place please do so It's a realy great blog some wonderful recipes and some very thought provoking and caring blog posts.
The recipt of this ribbon came with some rules of acceptance:
First to thank to blogger who gave the award and link back to them wich I have just done but again I say say Thankyou Katrina I am so touched.
Next is to Name five fabulous moments in your life.
so here goes:
1. The birth of my daughter Clare my pride and joy!
2. Taking the plunge and leaving England to live in Turkey - I so love this country!
3. Meeting and later marrying  Mehmet (3rd time lucky)
4. Becoming a Nana (grandmother) I have the most beautiful granddaughter Gracie :)
5.Recently meeting and spending some time with Orphans in Istanbul, these children realy were amazing!
Name five things that you love.
1. My family 
2. Knitting - can't survive without my knitting it keeps me sane.
3. Music  especially reggae but most kinds you will quite often catch me boogying around the house and I pity my neighbours who have to listen to me sing!
4.Sunshine everything seems better when the sun is shining
5. Cats - I think my neighbours probably call me the mad cat lady I'm forever feeding strays.

Name five things you hate.
1. Wars  It is the children who are affected most by the troubles in regions hit by conflicts and wars.
2. Two faced people 
3. Cruelty to animals - any animal.
4.Brushed nylon sheets on the bed- just can't stand the feel of them!
5.Flies buzzing around my head especially near my ear.

And now to Pass the award to five deserving bloggers.
1 Helen Bogun Helz Design the most amazing designer!
2 Alessa and Tammie (two for the price of one lol) Carolina Heart Strings fab recipes amongst other things.
3 Peggy Lee Hanson Inspire Encourage Support the Dream coach
4 Crazy Train To Tinky Town wonderful writing from a fellow expat living the dream in Turkey.
5 coby Lange Codiart  fabulous artist.

Thanks again to Katrina for this award and thanks to everyone who stops by to read my blog.