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Monday, August 8, 2011

Square necked sweater

Here is a sweater that i made recently. I had difficulty finding the exact yarn so i knitted from two differnt yarns at the sametimefor the main yarn (doulbe knit type in blue and a finer yarn in white) the guage came out exact and i was very pleased with the end result! I also added the embelishment of a knitted flower.

Guage for this pattern is 14sts and 21rows over 4inches (10cm) on size 6mm (us 10) needles.

Size: small (medium, large, extra large) to fit bust size 32(36,40,44)
Finished length: 24 (24.5,25.5,27)''

Materials: 4(4,5,5) balls chunky style yarn 196yds/180m per 100grams
Contrat colour 1(1,1,2) balls chunky style yarn 185yds/170m per 100grams
Kneedle size 6mm (us 10) and 5.5mm(us 9) plus 5.5mm circular needle or size to obtain gauge

With contrast colour and smaller needle, cast on 56 (60,66,74)sts and work 28 rows (4inches,10cm) in garter st (every row knit).
With larger needle change to main colour and work in st st(front row knit, back row purl) until piece measures 16 (16.5,17,17.5)'' (row 64(66,68,72)

Underarm shaping
Cast off 2(3,4,6)sts at begining of next 2rows.
Continue in st st until piece measures 24(24.5,25.5,27)'' (row 106(108,114,122)
Cast off 7(8,10,11) shoulder stitches
Place 38(38,38,40) back neck sts onto st holder.
Cast off 7(8,10,11) shoulder stitches

Work as back, including armhole shaping, when piece measures 18.5(19,20,21.5)'' (row 76(78,84,92)

Begin neck shaping
Work to centre38(38,38,40)stiches and place these 38(38,38,40) stitches on a holder, attach new ball of yarn, complete row.
Work both sides atthe same time.
Continue in st st until piece measures 24(24.5,25.5,27)'' (row106(108,114,122)Cast off shoulder stiches.

Sleeves (2 alike)
With contrast colour and smaller needles, cast on 30(32,34,36) stitches and work 10 rows in garter stitch (1.5'')
Change to main colour and using larger needles work one rightside row.
Begin  sleeve shaping:
Increase 1 st on each end every 8(9,8,6) rows 12(12,11,14,4) times, then every 10(0,10,8) rows 1(0,2,11) times. Continue in st stuntil piece measures 22(22.5,23,24)''  (row 109(111,113,119).
Cast off 56(56,60,66) stitches

Lightly block all pieces. Sew shoulder seams.

For garter neck band
With contast yarn and smaller circular needle, starting at the left shoulder, pick up 23(23,23,23)sts from side neck, pick up1 stitch in the corner, place a marker to identify corner stitch, work front neck stitches from the holdr, pick up next stitch from the corner and mark as before, pick up 23(23,23,23)fron side neck,place marker,work across back neck stitches, place begining of round marker.
Round 1 Knit all stitches
Round 2 purl to one stitch before corner stitch, slip next stitch and corner stitch together knitwise, knit next stitch and pass slipped sts over the knit st, purl to one stich before second corner, repeat as before, work to end of round.
Work rounds 1 and 2 for 1.5''.
Cast of working the corner decrease into the cast off round.
Sew all seams.

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