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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Short Rows - Free Class

Today I just started knitting a dress for my granddaughter and want to use short rows to shape the arm holes. As I will be sharing this pattern with you all once it is completed I thought it would be a good idea for today's post to introduce you to short rows if you're not already aquainted.
Short Rows tend to strike fear into the hearts of the uninitiated, but, like all knitting, there's really nothing so mysterious about it.

Short Rows are used to create triangles or wedges within your knitting. They shape everything from bust darts to ear flaps. Basically, a Short Row is just that: a row that you don't knit to the end of the needle. Instead, you work part of the way across the row, do something called a "wrap and turn", and then work back the other way, sometimes to the end and sometimes to another wrap and turn.
It has been a while since I used this technique so I decided to take a refresher course.I took a mini class on Craftsy.It really is worth while taking a look at this free class.you will learn how easy using short rows can be in this free, technique-based mini-class from Craftsy. Swatch along with Carol Feller, an expert knitwear designer, as she shows four different short row methods: wrap and turn short rows, Japanese short rows, yarn over short rows and her own invisible short rows.
You'll also see why Craftsy users love these online video classes. Watch each lesson on your schedule, as many times as you want, and ask Carol and your classmates questions along the way.
Because this is a free course, discussion is student-led (rather than instructor-led). If you see a question you know the answer to, please don't hesitate to join the conversation!
What You'll Learn in Short Rows
  • The standard wrap & turn and three variations
  • Make invisible short-row joins
  • Create seamless set-in sleeves
  • Construct custom bust darts to your exact measurements
  • Shape yokes, hemlines, elbows, waistlines, and more
  • Combine short rows with a 3-needle bind-off to create stepless shoulders
Master short rows in no time - sign up for Short Rows today! Online Knitting Class 
  And tomorrow I will share with you the pattern for Gracie's (my granddaughter) dress.

free short rows knitting class at craftsy.com